History of the Birdsville Bakery

The Bakery was originally opened by beloved Birdsville local, the late Robert “Dusty” Miller.

Defying all sane advice, Dusty opened a Bakery in one of the most remote towns in the country. The odds were stacked against him, but not only did he make it work, he invented the unforgettable curried camel pie and made headlines across Australia.

Thanks to decades of hard work and valuable community support, the Birdsville Bakery became an icon.

Talia and Courtney Ellis are the current custodians of the Birdsville Bakery, which they purchased in 2020 along with the Birdsville Hotel.

The Ellis family have a long-term connection to the outback and are passionately invested in the preservation and success of the community.

The family of 7 share their time between the pub, the bakery, and their broadacre cropping farm in Berrigan.